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Another Irish walking tour company for you to explore

Another Irish walking tour company for you to explore

Irish walking tours are quickly becoming a great way to experience large areas of Ireland’s unspoiled landscape. There are numerous Irish walking tour companies out there that run these types of tours, taking you to some of the best places you can explore on foot. I’ve seen some people basically running these walking tours as a side business, taking you to some of their favorite areas of their cities and nearby countryside. Others are fully fledged businesses, that can offer you an array of tour add-ons such as food, accommodation, rental bikes, rain gear, maps and other walking equipment. No matter which type of company you choose to take your tour with, you’re sure to learn a lot about the history, culture and landscape changes of the area you’ll be exploring.

Irish Walking Tour Company

The latest addition to this website is South West Walks who offer to take you on guided walks around Ireland. They have a whole host of walking tours, self-guided tours and even biking tours of Ireland available. Check them out in the walking tours section here.

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