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Find an Irish B&B that is perfect for you

Posted in , on 3-26-13

Find an Irish B&B that is perfect for you

Ireland is renowned for it’s hospitality, and you will not find a better example of that hospitality than at an Irish B&B. Famed for their friendly hosts, good quality Irish food and their cleanliness, an Irish B&B is a great place to stay when touring around Ireland.
With hundreds of B&B’s to choose from, the B&B Ireland website is a great place to start when researching your accommodation options for your Irish vacation.

  • Use the advanced search to filter by Farm Houses, Historic Houses, nearby Tourist Attractions, B&B Facilities and other more.
  • Easily find pet friendly Irish B&B’s and others that cater to anglers, Irish speaking enthusiasts and golfers.
  • Download the free booking App, to allow you reserve your next B&B while you’re out and about exploring the Irish countryside.
  • Browse B&B’s on a map, narrowing your search by county and/or town.

For full information visit B&B Ireland

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