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Infinite Ireland – A Guide For First Timers

Posted in on 12-5-12

Infinite Ireland – A Guide For First Timers

Planning a vacation on your own is difficult. Add traveling to a new country for the first time and it can be truly overwhelming. Many guidebooks and websites have information on top tourist sights and where to spend your money, but they don’t give you the best strategies on exactly how to start planning your own Irish adventure. Infinite Ireland is full of planning resources that do just that!

Knowing that easy to understand planning advice can sometimes be difficult to find, Stephanie and Joe Chastain created Infinite Ireland as a guide for first timers traveling to Ireland. From their mistakes to secret tips and special finds, you can get expert help from seasoned Ireland travelers. Check out Ireland planning: 101 and begin planning today or subscribe to easily get updates and fun stories from their adventures.

Ireland Planning: 101
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